October 2, 2022

Who Should Become A Professional Photographer?

There are many reasons why Calgary is the best city for a professional event photographer. The cost of living is very reasonable, the weather is always hot and sunny, and there are plenty of venues and restaurants to shoot at. Here are a few more reasons why Calgary based event photographer is the perfect: 

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1. The Calgary Photography Scene Is Active And Growing Rapidly

There are plenty of active photographers in Calgary and the scene is growing rapidly. Local groups like CALPHOTO (www.calphotographers.ca) and APEX (www.apexcalgary.com) offer workshops, networking opportunities, and photo contests to help photographers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. There are also several online resources available, such as Adobe Photoshop CC’s Photomerge feature, which makes it easy to combine different images into one cohesive piece. 

2. The Cost Of Living In Calgary Is Very Reasonable For A Professional Photographer

The cost of living in Calgary is very reasonable for a professional photographer. Compared to other major Canadian cities, such as Vancouver or Toronto, Calgary offers much lower costs for renting space, purchasing equipment, and assembling a professional shooting crew. This means that photographers can be more focused on their passion, rather than constantly fretting over the cost of living. 

3. Hosting A Photography Wedding Can Be Competitive 

In Calgary, there is a growing trend of hosting photography-centric events. This can include any kind of event which involves portraits or photography, such as a wedding, family portrait session, or personal headshot session. These events need to be carefully organized and scheduled in advance to ensure that they go off without problems.