October 6, 2022

What’s Happening To Performance Test Tools?

There are always other companies offering to test your web applications from the cloud. These companies can be established while others are newer players.

What is driving this testing epidemic? And how can it impact the market for performance test tools? The cloud could be the final barrier to entry for small businesses offering performance testing appliance. A quick disclaimer is necessary at this point. 

This has made it easier for companies to offer to test systems via web browsers. We have witnessed the rise in commodity-based performance instruments over the years. One key commodity is the fact that more companies offer business-critical services via the internet and browsers. 

These applications are therefore more important to be tested. Tools that allow you to test web applications have also seen a rise in popularity. Examples of such tools are WebTester from Reflective Solutions, QTest By Quotium, and WAPT by SoftLogica.

Companies can focus on the web only to make tools easier to use, cheaper to produce, and more affordable to support. This is usually passed on to their customers.

These commodity tools have many common features such as an alignment with web technology, user interfaces to simplify the testing process, and a low price, even though they emulate a large number of virtual users. Pricing for performance test tools is based on the number of users that you want to emulate during your test.