October 5, 2022

What Is A Refrigeration Engineer?

An engineer in refrigeration is an individual who is specialized in applications that go outside of the typical commercial and residential use to marine, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The job outlook for an engineer in freezing engineering is favorable. They earn an average of $52-$62 thousand per year.

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Training or schooling for the beginning may require a beginner-level thermodynamics class for engineers, as well HVAC Systems design is an intermediate-level course for an engineer in refrigeration. 

Advanced HVAC and Energy Conservation System classes are advanced classes in heating and air conditioning that concentrate on measuring humidity and its relationship to refrigeration and heating systems.

The focus of energy conservation is because they're typically larger systems that need to eliminate humidity from the air to cool it down, and massive amounts of energy could be wasted on an older inefficient system that isn't able to keep up with the reduction in humidity levels in space as it attempts to cool it.

The kind of person this career is targeted towards tends to be mechanically inclined and has a basic understanding of refrigeration technologies. It's perfect for those who have hands-on experience and are focused on green energy technology in more advanced ways.

Refrigeration engineers recognize the necessity for adequate venting and filtration for HVAC and AC systems in order to ensure they run efficiently.