October 2, 2022

What Can Be Included In A Memorial Service

A memorial service can be a very personal way to honor a loved one. A memorial service is an important and solemn event that can help your family and friends remember close people. There are many things you can include In loving memory of your loved one. 




Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. A reading from the Bible or another religious text could be a beautiful way to start the service.

2. A patriotic song could be a fitting tribute to your loved one's patriotism and love of country.

3. A song about your loved one's life could be a touching way to remember all the good times they shared together.

4. A remembrance poem or story about your loved one could be an intimate way to share their memories with others.

5. A slideshow of photos from throughout their life could be a beautiful way to remember them by their friends and family.

6. A tribute potluck dinner could be a way for everyone to share their favorite memories of your loved ones.

7. A service filled with laughs and tears could be what your loved one would have wanted.

Whatever you choose to include in your memorial service, make sure it is something that will remind everyone of the wonderful person your loved one was.