October 5, 2022

Tips For Managing Staff Holiday Requests

Providing adequate staff coverage and handling vacation requests from employees can be a nightmare. In addition to the usual vacation entitlements, the employer must take into account temporary employees, part-time workers, staff regarding pregnancy or parental leave, and so on.

The best way to avoid employee management problems during the holidays is to be prepared. If you follow the right procedures, you can give those who request vacation time while ensuring that your company still has enough staff to operate efficiently at all times. However, employers can also make use of the modern digital way to manage and record staff leave so as to avoid any mistake or hassle while giving employees a holiday.

Annual leave management

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Here are some of the main tips to help you deal with holiday problems:

Plan Ahead:

Large companies often ask their employees to submit their vacation requests for the following year in January to ensure adequate coverage for peak vacation periods. Even smaller businesses need to plan vacation plans three to five months in advance. With the right software, you can manage your "availability in and out of calendar" throughout the previous year.

Set a deadline for vacation requests:

Explain that vacation requests must be made within the specified deadlines and that any requests submitted after the deadline cannot be approved. This prevents employees from requesting a last-minute break and then feeling frustrated when their request for a break is denied.

Create a fair and balanced schedule:

If multiple employees want the same weekend, ask them to work together and create a lively work schedule. This avoids discontent and encourages teamwork. Other ways to distribute breaks fairly in busy seasons include lottery systems and prioritizing employees who meet sales and productivity goals.