October 1, 2022

Social Media Marketing Services in New Zealand

Marketers cannot afford to wait to riddle out the details. Competitors are diving into social media, and evidence suggests strong payback for companies whose products enjoy positive reviews from new media users. You can opt for the best social media marketing services in NZ via GlobalInfo Ltd.

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Marketers that can persuade prospects and customers to join a company's Facebook fan page also stand to gain. Consider:

  • 67% of Twitterers that follow a brand more than likely will buy products from that brand

  • 60% of Facebook users that are a brand's fan more than likely will recommend the brand to their friends

  • 74% of consumers surveyed said their buying decisions are more influenced by fellow socializers after receiving feedback via social media sites.

As marketers deepen their commitment to social media, they face questions on how to measure the return on investment (ROI) of social media campaigns and assets:

  • Does social media marketing pay off in conversions and revenue?

  • Which campaigns and channels perform best and which perform worst?

  • Is social media cannibalizing other online marketing initiatives?

  • How can we measure ROI of a social media display ad, if the user doesn't click it?

  • Which segments of our blog followers are most likely to buy our products?

From computers to cars, from leading retailers to niche communities, the social landscape is filled with sites where users share opinions and recommendations. Marketers benefit from display advertising, expert commentary, and technical guidance.