October 2, 2022

Ring Repair 101: Can You Fix A Broken Ring Band?

Perhaps the first piece of jewelry a person touches (or holds) is a ring. Rings are often worn by both men and women so it is important to choose a ring bracelet that is strong and sturdy at all times. However, there are times when ring strips are shared and you leave a damaged ring strip. But how can you further repair a broken ring on the ring?

Although gold is the most common precious metal used for casting rings and bracelets, it can also become brittle, crack, or eventually break. The main reasons for this may be the lower amount of rust and the high proportion of impurities in the ring, which makes it susceptible to breakage. For more information about broken ring settings, you can explore this link.

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Rings made of high carat gold typically include more gold and less trace metal, increasing the structural strength to counterbalance the softness of the gold. High-grade gold jewelry is not intended for severe handling or wear, so it is advised to treat it with great care.


Regarding physical compromise with the ring structure, the ring may crack, or fracture, in one or more locations. Each of these conditions requires specific elimination and correction steps.


While rings made of certain metals are more prone to cracking and breaking than others, it is best to know what the repair or installation process involves.