October 6, 2022

Opt For Various Commercial Lighting Design

Commercial lighting refers to lighting for commercial spaces such as offices, shops, institutions, hospitals, and government buildings, essentially spaces that are not residential or industrial buildings.

Compared to other types of lighting such as residential lighting, commercial lighting has a higher initial cost, longer life and longevity, higher maintenance and service costs, and better potential for creating energy-efficient options.

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In commercial buildings, the fulfillment of a task or activity is the most important function.

Lighting design companies should create projects that reflect the types of activities carried out in the building to ensure that the people working in the space are comfortable and meet the requirements of luxury and energy efficiency standards.

 When engineering design team works with a lighting consultant to select a commercial space project, several aspects to consider are the lighting of the space, the space application used, the type of lighting installation used, and the level of luxury. based on guidelines and codes.

Types of lighting fixtures for commercial lighting

When choosing lamps in commercial lighting design, their nature, application and function must be taken into account.

Commonly used commercial lights include the T5 and compact fluorescent lamps, but with a drop in price, LED daytime running lights are gaining popularity in the industry.