October 5, 2022

Men’s Fashion Tips: Hanging Suits the Right Way

Before hanging your suit jacket in your wardrobe, it would be appropriate to brush them often after wearing them to use a cloth brush. This helps remove dirt and lint buildup on the suit. It also helps to rejuvenate the wool and prevent it from shining.

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Men's Fashion Tips: Hanging Suits the Right Way

A very important aspect of caring for men's suits is that your suit jackets are always hung on good coat hangers that support wide, round shoulders.

Regardless of how much time your suit has left, the support of the hanger will keep your suit jacket in shape.

So avoid those pathetic metal wire hangers for your suit. They will never be able to lay a good foundation to hang any men’s suit.

There is enough space within your wardrobe. This allows your suit jacket to hang and clean well without receding.

Unbutton the suit jacket and remove any items in the pocket. It will not stress and weigh the jacket pocket to keep it in its original shape.

Place your suit in a cloth bag that can "breathe" and not be completely enclosed. If you are not going to use a cloth bag, it would be good to just cover the shoulder portion to avoid dust accumulation.

Hang your suit in "air" before putting it in the cupboard. This will help dry out any moisture trapped in your suit before being introduced into the wardrobe. It also helps in rejuvenating wool as it is a natural fiber.

If a hanger is not available, fold your suit jacket in and out with the shoulders touching. By doing this, it prevents any possible dirt or lint stains on the outer fabric of the suit. Then either lay the suit jacket flat or place it on top of a chair.