October 5, 2022

Marble Benchtop Restoration: What You Need To Know

Marble benchtop restoration is the process of restoring a marble benchtop to its original, or as close to as possible, the state through special and professional services and skills. 

stone restoration benchtop

Here is what you need to know

Overtime Marble Can Deteriorate 

Marble benchtops are exposed to daily wear and tear, cleaning chemicals and stains. Over time, these things wear down the protective layer of the marble benchtop, exposing it to more extensive attacks. Eventually, the benchtop will experience stains, cracking, chips and gouges. If left untreated, it may reach an irreparable state. 

Different Marble Lasts Longer

Marble naturally occurs in a variety of shades, from black to white and a variety of pigmentations in between, such as pink. However, pure marble appears as white. The purer the marble, the longer it will last as it will need less artificial intervention to reinforce its natural integrity. 

All Marble Should Be Sealed

Despite the purity of the marble used in the benchtop, all marble should be sealed. Sealing a Marble benchtop will protect it from the harsh cleaning chemicals used in homes, spills that could stain the countertop, and general dust and grime. Furthermore, it will be safeguarded against other sources of wear and tear, for example, knives being used on it or dropped on the surface. 

marble benchtop restoration

Restoration Can Deliver New Looking Results

Marble benchtop restoration is the process of bringing marble back to its original state through professional skills to repair the damage done through poor care or general wear and tear. This may include dust, stains, scratches, chips and gouges. Sealing marble should be the final stage of restoration to protect it.