October 1, 2022

Important Tips For Smoke Alarm Maintenance

This is not just a cliche, the smoke alarm really saves the right lives and maintenance can help prevent fire at home. Take a few minutes to read this article and then a few more to implement suggested tips – you will be happy that you do it.

When you choose an alarm, you will be able to find an alarm that runs on the battery, and that runs on the household flow. Ionization is more effective in detecting fire that spreads and consumes quickly. The best way to install the smoke alarm is to appoint an expert electrician and you can request a quote online very easily and get a professional who can do your work efficiently.


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The photoelectric is more effective in terms of burning fire which is slow, and the combo alarm is equally good in detecting both types. Because you will never be able to predict the type of fire that you will have in your home, it is a good idea to install both types of smoke detection technology.

Smoke alarms must be installed on each floor of the house including the basement and must be positioned so that they can be easily heard. Smoke alarms should not be installed near the window, door, or anywhere where the air moves. If your smoke alarm seems very sensitive and often goes when you cook, consider buying an alarm with the Hush button that you can push when this happens.