October 5, 2022

Importance Of Lower Radiator Hose In Your Car

If you're experiencing issues with your cooling system in your car, truck or SUV then the presence of the lower radiator hose that is cold can aid in the identification of the issue.Hence, it is important that you choose the good quality lower hose for your car. You can browse to https://www.mitzybitz.com/  to buy best-rated radiator hose. 

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Since the lower hose is cold,it is a sign that the coolant (antifreeze) isn't correctly flowing through the radiator.Under normal circumstances, a cold lower hose will only be present when you first start the car with a cold engine. Once the engine warms up (after about 5 miles of driving in summer), coolant flow will begin and will heat the upper hose and the radiator.

What's the point of a lower radiator hose?

The main function of the radiator is to transfer heat created by the engine into outside air. In order to do this it is necessary that the engine (when operating) circulates its coolant around the radiator.

The hot coolant from the engine is pumped into the radiator through an upper pipe. The function for the lower hose to carry the antifreeze that has been cooled through the motor.It is important that you check your radiator hose from time to time and maintain it properly.