October 6, 2022

How to Clean Sisal Rugs?

Sisal rugs are made from Agave Sisalana plant fibres. They can be stained, soiled, and stepped on like any other rug. It is much easier to clean sisal rugs than it sounds or looks. Sisal can be pronounced see-szal, sai­szal. These tips will help you create a sisal rug that is both durable and clean.

The durable fibers of sisal are harvested and then stripped to make a strong, flexible rug. Even though your rug is strong, external forces can cause damage. To avoid damage to the rug's surface and uneven color, you should clean it with care. You can also buy sisal rugs made of the finest natural sisal fiber online. 

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Avoid moisture and high humidity areas. Wetness can cause rugs to become distorted and warped. Keep your rug in its original shape by laying it flat in a dry area, where spills are less likely. You can clean any spillages on the rug quickly by wiping it with a dry cloth. 

You could also try a mixture of vinegar and water, or spot-cleaning with the recommended cleaning product by your rug manufacturer. Use the soapy solution to soak the cloth and then blot it. Be sure to only use a small amount of the soapy substance at a time, so that your rug doesn’t absorb it. 

You can remove dirt and other dry materials by using a blunt edge such as a knife or wooden knife to scrape them off. Special cleaning powders are also available for sisal rugs. Vacuum your rug often to remove any dirt or other debris.