October 1, 2022

How Bamboo Can Save the World

Do people use bamboo instead of hardwood trees? Yes, the TP industry uses a lot of wood, but why is bamboo consumption better? That's why we love bamboo and how bamboo can save the world. Here are some points on how bamboo saves the world.

Absorb greenhouse gases

Bamboo is very good at absorbing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Bamboo also produces 30% more oxygen than the equivalent mass of hardwood trees. Many companies made kitchen papers with the help of bamboo. You can easily buy bamboo kitchen paper via https://sheetglory.com/products/premium-bamboo-kitchen-roll.

Incredible growth rate

Some types of bamboo can grow more than 3 feet a day! That's over 1.5 inches per hour. Unlike hardwood trees, which take 30-40 years to mature, bamboo can reach full maturity in 1-5 years. It is the only woody plant that can cope with the rate of human consumption and deforestation.

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Renewable Resources

Once the bamboo is harvested, new shoots can grow without the need for additional planting or cultivation. Any piece of bamboo can also be used. When you are done with your bamboo products, they can be recycled or composted.


Bamboo contains a natural antibacterial product called Bamboo Kun. So effective is this bioactive ingredient that it eliminates and prevents 70% of the bacteria that try to grow on it, both natural and fibrous.


Bamboo can replace wood in any application, be it parquet, furniture or toilet paper! Bamboo fibre is actually much stronger than wood fibre and less susceptible to changing weather conditions. In addition, bamboo can grow in all climates and soil types, even if other crops fail.