October 5, 2022

How And With Whom To Get An Interview

Nothing is more important in the interview process than face-to-face interviews. All the prep jobs, the perfect resume, and amazing interview skills mean nothing if you can't get a face-to-face interview.

Getting a job is a numbers game. The number of interviews you conduct plays an important role in getting a good job vacancy. You can also get information about how to obtain an interview via the web.

get an interview

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You have to think about who you think could be hired. Below is a list of people you should contact:

* Competitor. Most of us know who our competitors are. If they're in the same industry as you, you probably know a lot about their business. You can spend more on these people than almost anyone you can talk to.

* Dealers and suppliers. These are organizations currently supplying services and goods to your business, or organizations and individuals who will receive your services and goods.

* Professional and trade associations. Some of these associations are more interesting than others, but they are all good sources of information.

* Job Fair. As the labor market improves and more jobs become available, more employers are connected to the job market. Don't go to the job fair if you currently have a job because you risk meeting the people you work with.

Meet your partner as a coach and think of all the hired people you know with whom you can connect.