October 5, 2022

Effectiveness of Back Pain Exercise & Administration in Primary Care

Patients who have lower back pain problems can pose a problem in clinical practice. It is a crippling, and common condition. Unfortunately, there is very little information available on effective treatments.

Two methods can be used to treat low back pain: spinal manipulation and exercise. It includes advice on staying active and possible oral pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication. For proper care, you can also appoint the best family principal care doctor online.

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This study was done to see if spinal manipulation, exercise, or a combination thereof can improve "best primary care" in the British healthcare system (NHS) or private practices.

1. General primary care – According to the national guidelines on acute back pain, this "primary care" is considered.

2. Exercise – This program is called "Back to Fitness". It includes a first assessment and group exercises with a physiotherapist. The program will include eight 60-minute classes that are spread over two months.

3. Spinal manipulation – 8 treatments in 12 weeks by qualified practitioners (chiropractic/physiotherapy/osteopathy) in one or both of the two settings: NHS facilities, private practice, or NHS.

Conclusions and Practical Application

This study further supports the idea that exercise and spinal manipulation can be combined to treat low-back pain. Literature shows that low back pain is being treated with integrated, primary care.

Manual medicine and physical therapy interventions can be difficult to replicate in real life. Although studies might only permit certain techniques and interventions, doctors or therapists may choose to employ multiple modalities or techniques to customize their treatment plans.