October 6, 2022

Cyber-Security Consultants: Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Cyber-security consultants usually have a background in computer security or information security standards. This level of expertise is very specialized and not widely available. 

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Cybersecurity is only one aspect of the larger field of information security. It also includes physical assets, threats, and people-related aspects. In the current environment of increasing threats to national infrastructure from some countries, cybersecurity is gaining more attention. 

While most organizations will not be subject to state-sponsored hackers, it is true that many of them are safe. They may still be at risk from an amateur hacker. This is where cyber-security consultants can help.

A consultant might audit an organisation's IT security and point out high-risk areas (e.g., unencrypted username and password transmissions on web pages). Old software that was not updated to the most recent patch level is a major source of vulnerabilities. 

This situation can be resolved by simply updating the software. Other cases may require that the software be reconfigured to alter the settings. These vulnerabilities and other issues will be discovered by cybersecurity consultants, which can help the organization fix them before hackers do.