October 1, 2022

Bone Fracture – Know Its Management

Management of fracture involves both first aid and further treatment by health professionals – doctors, nurses and physiotherapists. You can also Schedule Your Appointment Today online.

First aid management

This is the treatment you give to the patient before the arrival of a medical doctor or before transferring the patient to the hospital.

i. Make sure the airway is patent. If there is any obstruction clear it away.

ii. Check for breathing. If no breathing, then institute breathing through mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose respiration.

iii. Ensure there is circulation. Listen to the heartbeat or check the pulse. If not heartbeat, start CPR

iv. Call for help

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v. Arrest any external haemorrhage (bleeding)

vi. Immobilise affected part. Get enough hands before moving the patient. This helps to minimize further tissue damage. Immobilization can be achieved through the use of a mechanical splint or body splint.

vii. Open wounds may be cleaned and sterile dressings applied. Do not make any attempt to reduce the fracture if the limb is in an abnormal position or alignment.

viii. Treat for shock if there are signs. Remove clothing through the uninjured side.

ix. Remove rings from the fingers in case of fracture of the arm or hand. This is to prevent the ring from cutting off blood supply to the fingers and subsequently gangrene when massive swelling occurs.

x. Do not give anything by mouth in case the patient would need general anaesthesia in the hospital.