October 6, 2022

Allow Your Dogs to Play with Their Food

The food-dispensing toys are just like any other toys. You can place your dog's entire meal inside, and then let her play with the toy until she understands how to get it out. This is a great way to help your dog burn energy and give you some peace and quiet. You can now also order dog drinking bottles online.

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You can also make your food dispensers. You can make your own food dispensers from empty plastic bottles. For dogs with heavier bodies, juice or sports drink bottles work well. Water bottles work well, but they are less durable. 

Many pet shops now stock a variety of food dispensing toys. You can choose from either plastic or fabric toys. The harder toys are more durable and require dogs to push or throw them for food to fall out. While the plush toys require dogs to reach into the toys and take out the food, which can be more difficult mentally.

If your dog smashes the bottle, it may be difficult to get the food out. You can make it easier for your dog to use the food dispensing bottle if she has difficulty understanding how to do so. You can then switch to a regular-sized bottle for your dog as she gets better at using it.

You can also use cardboard boxes as food dispensers. You just need to place the food into the cardboard box. You can teach your dog to open the box and get the food out. These boxes are great for your dog's ability to tear up and shred things, rather than tearing up your carpet or furniture. This can get messy so make sure you have a crate or room that is enclosed.