October 1, 2022

All About Whole Mouth Dental Implants

The aim of good oral hygiene is to reduce the bacterial numbers which are found on plaque. Bacteria are found in plaque and produce gas when they multiply.

While bacteria occur naturally in the mouth they multiply in the presence of stagnant food particles which are left behind after normal cleaning. That smell first thing in the morning is where numbers have multiplied overnight! You can find the best whole mouth dental implants services online.

whole mouth dental implants

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Natural food traps e.g. gaps in between teeth, or where teeth are overcrowded or missing increase the plaque levels and thus increase the bacterial count. These bacteria are not only responsible for gum disease which can lead to tooth loss but are also associated with heart disease!


It may sound patronizing, but here are the basics. Brush at least twice a day, with a medium/ soft-bristled brush, for two minutes. Remember not to use excessive force. Use a high quality toothpaste recommended by your dental professional.

And let me stress this point again – make sure to not just brush the front of your teeth – get the backs and tops too!


Using mouthwash can help loosen bits of food before brushing/flossing (yes, before!), help fight plaque and cavities and kill that nasty bacteria responsible for bad breath. However, alcoholic mouthwash has been associated with higher incidences of mouth cancer. Fortunately, there are many non-alcoholic varieties available.