October 1, 2022

Advanced Cleaning Process Offered By The Professionals In Long Island

If your carpets will be used regularly by your co-workers, customers and visitors, it is best to understand that it is very difficult to remove dirt and pollen that remains on the carpet fabric. This complex cleaning process requires the help of modern cleaning technology and the extensive office cleaning resources these people bring. So, look for a cleaning company that has a lot of experience cleaning offices and carpets in particular.

There are many types of cleaning techniques that these people use such as:

Steam cleaning: This is a very simple and effective carpet cleaning method that is also environmentally friendly. If your carpet is very dirty, the best way to clean it is to clean it. Cleaning may take up to 18 hours.

Encapsulation Technology: This method combines a crystalline polymer and a cleaning solution to give your carpet a completely new and clean look. The cleaning solution traps dirt or contaminants, which are then packaged by the polymer and dried into crystals. Then it is removed by vacuum.

Dry cleaning technology: Dry cleaning assumes that no liquid is used to clean your carpet. With a special dryer, the dust contained in your carpet is broken down and all stains removed, leaving you with a clean and hygienic carpet. The suction system installed in the machine removes dust particles from the carpet. With this technique, you can clean the carpet very quickly.

For best results from any of these techniques, always consult a professional cleaner.