August 20, 2022

Will There Be A Toilet Paper Shortage Again?

In 2020, there was huge storage of toilet paper in the US, and people think there is going to be the same kind of shortage in days to come. So, is there any truth to this news or is it just a rumor? Let’s find out.

COVID 19 is again making inroads in the lives of people, and despite having a variety of vaccinations; people are getting sick, some even dying because of COVID 19. This has forced people to think about whether the situation is heading the same way where it was last year.

Why people are buying so much toilet paper?

Usually, the demand for consumer staples such as toilet paper remains steady, but the fear in people regarding COVID 19 and the country getting into lockdown may force people to stock toilet paper to avoid looking for toilet paper’s substitutes in case of toilet paper shortage. If you too think that there is going to be a shortage of toilet paper in days to come, then you should buy toilet paper rolls after reading consumer reports. You will find different brands of toilet paper with some designed for people with sensitive skin. Don’t stock toilet paper until you hear something regarding lockdowns from the government because otherwise, it will be a wastage of money and space to have so many toilet paper rolls in the house.