August 15, 2022

Will A Personality Test Help You Find A Career?

A lot of people take personality tests like Myers-Briggs(r) to aid them with their job searches. Here are some reasons for and against using these tests:

The personality types have greater proportions in certain careers than in other fields. To find out the best personality test career, you can browse this site

For example, there's a type of personality that is popular for accountants. 

The reason why certain personality people are drawn to different professions is due to the nature of their job. In this case, people who are precise, logical, and meticulous, like working with numbers over people, and adhere to guidelines are more likely to be attracted to accounting than people who aren't one of these. 

On the one "no" side this is also the case when you take a survey of the right people in any field there will be a variety of personality kinds. Sure, there's a standard type of accountant however there are plenty of people who don't fit the mold. If your personality isn't typical for accountants you can still be a satisfied, successful accountant. 

Another issue is that the test cannot determine which profession to choose. It is possible to have 100 options that you and your friends like. In that case, knowing your personality could not offer any guidance. 

For instance, people who are accountants are likely to enjoy banking and financial analysis, editing and auditing too.