August 13, 2022

What Makes LED Lamps Popular?

LED lamps are the most convenient and preferable alternative for traditional bulbs. The LED lamps or light emitting diode lamps are in solid state. They use light emitting diodes in order to produce light. The light produced by a single diode will be very small when compared to incandescent lamps. 

So, multiple diodes are employed to produce more light. Due to its efficiency and environmental friendly nature these LED neon signs are widely replaced. There are a lot of advantages that make these lamps more widely used when compared to traditional bulbs. 

The major advantage is the limited power consumption. An LED light will use 70% to 80% less energy when compared to traditional lights. As most of the energy consumed by the LEDs are used to produce light, the heat produced will be very less.

These lights are not made out of mercury or similar toxic materials like the fluorescent lamps. They won't emit harmful fumes as well. So, they are environmentally friendly. LED lamps can also be recycled due to the absence of harmful materials.

Another major factor is the cost efficiency. Though when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs the LED lamps are more costly, these lamps can last for a long time.