August 11, 2022

What Makes Adult Braces Unique?

In our modern society, many adults are opting for braces to correct dental issues they've experienced since childhood. What people aren't aware of is that there are some differences between adult braces and braces that children wear. The differences are:

Materials – Adults are given more options for brace materials since they are more knowledgeable about how to care for their teeth. Children typically wear metal braces, but adults can also pick from plastic straightening appliances, lingual and ceramic braces, or lingual and ceramic braces. Adults may prefer ceramic braces since they can blend in with the color of their teeth.

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They are worn on the front of your teeth like metal braces, but they are more prone to breaking. If they opt for lingual braces, the metal brackets are inserted on the back of your teeth, making them less apparent. This type is also quite pricey and can create tongue difficulties while speaking. 

The detachable clear plastic appliances are typically used by adults for minor adjustments. They will need to be replaced every few weeks. You only take them out when you eat, floss, or brush your teeth.

The length of time you have to wear them. Adults typically need to wear braces for longer than children. The reason for this is that an adult's teeth are more brittle and it takes longer to treat the issue. Adults, in general, will wear braces from half to three years. It's contingent upon how much correction is needed. The longer period allows your teeth to move slower and allows the muscles and bones to recover.