August 20, 2022

What Is Sandtray Therapy?

Sandtray is one of the techniques that play therapists use to treat children, teenagers, adults and family (Homeyer and Sweeney, 1998). Here, children can work through traumatic problems and experiences, which they cannot verbalize, but can act in the game. There are specific tools used in Sandtray therapy. You can also get more info about sandtray therapy via

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First there is the Sandtray. Then there is sand and water, which is a symbol of the earth. They appeal to children's eyes and other senses. Finally, there is a miniature collection, which functions as a symbol and image. They are used as words in the game, as well as adults use words in conversations to express their pain and emotions.

Why Therapists use Sandtray Therapy

1. Sandtray therapy provides expressions for non-verbal emotional problems.

2. Sandtray therapy has a unique sensory approach.

3. Sandtray therapy serves to create the therapeutic distance needed for clients.

4. Sandtray therapy provides natural limits and boundaries, which promotes safety.

5. Sandtray therapy provides unique settings for the emergence of metaphors in playing (Siegelman, 1990).

6. Sandplay therapy is effective in overcoming resistance in therapy.

7. Sandtray Therapy can offer media expressions for someone with poor verbal skills.

8. Sandtray creates a place where someone can experience a sense of control over their environment.

9. Problems can be accessed easily and thoroughly through a Sandtray.

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