August 20, 2022

What is a Refrigeration Engineer?

The refrigeration engineer is someone who is specialized in applications that go beyond normal commercial and residential usages to the marine, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, such as. Design and build the technology of thermal processing for different situations.

The outlook for career growth for refrigeration engineers is very good. They earn an average of $52 to 62 thousand annually.

refrigeration engineering

Refrigeration engineers are aware of the necessity for adequate venting and filtration for air conditioning and heating systems to allow them to operate efficiently. Hotels and commercial establishments might contain HVAC and PTAC units that chill and heat each room and they are energy efficient as they are only switched on when they are being used. 

Additionally, since cooling coils are made up of coolant, many of them are sealed for environmental reasons to reuse broken or worn down units.

Engineers in refrigeration could require an HVAC permit in order to refill coolant and perform maintenance on specific units. A properly running system can save you a significant amount of energy and cost over one that is damaged.

This occupation will see the introduction of the latest and most efficient technology in the coming years. It is classified as to be a "green job" due to its ability to improve the use of energy through efficient operation and proper maintenance of air or heating-cooling systems.