August 11, 2022

What Are Roof Curbs and Why Are They Important

You know what a roof looks like. You also know what curb is. However, you may not know what a roof curb is. In the commercial roofing industry, in particular, roof curbs are essential for the overall functioning of the complete roofing system.

Used on virtually all flat roof types–from TPO to EPDM and Modified Bitumen–pre manufactured roof curbs are critical for the protection of both the roof itself and rooftop-mounted appliances like HVAC equipment, stovepipes, and other hardware.

Because of how integral roof curbs are to the success of any commercial roofing project, the roofing professionals have teamed up to bring you the low-down on roof curbs: what they are, how they work, and why they matter to commercial roofing installations and repairs.

Roof Curbing: Why it's Important

A roof curb is required whenever there is an opening in a commercial roofing system. A roof curb, also known as "roof curbing", is a type of industrial-grade spacer that acts as a barrier between the commercial rooftop openings and the protective layers of your roof.

We might consider the following reasons why a commercial roof may need an engineered opening:

  • Heating, ventilation, or air conditioning ducting
  • Chiller intakes/exhausts
  • Equipment for evaporative cooling
  • Stovepipes
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys

Essentially, wherever a portal needs to be supported in a commercial roof, a roof curb plays the role of providing support to the installed equipment (i.e., HVAC unit) while also maintaining a fortified barrier between the building and the exterior environment.