August 15, 2022

What an Aesthetic Doctor Can Do for You

You may have come across the medical term aesthetic or you may have heard someone talk about such a person. You may have wondered what the term means. Unlike plastic or cosmetic surgeons, these doctors tend to focus their treatments more on non-invasive lines. They make use of non-invasive or less invasive procedures and techniques, such as IPL treatment, for example, to achieve the best possible results.

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to make skin incisions and make permanent or semi-permanent structural changes to a patient's body. Doctors who specialize in the aesthetic side of things are trained in such a way that they use less invasive measures. These techniques will produce permanent, long-term, or temporary results, depending on the treatment and technique used. An example of a non-invasive technique in the search for aesthetic appeal would be IPL treatment. You can also learn the online aesthetics courses from

What are the drawbacks, if any?

When you visit a cosmetic doctor for an IPL treatment or some other cosmetic procedure designed to improve body contouring, you will be informed of how many repeat treatments you will need. Depending on the problem she wants to address, she may need numerous treatments to achieve the desired result. Most procedures tend to require touch-up treatments over time.

Aesthetic doctors work with lasers, fillers, and other equipment to change the interior of the body, avoiding the need for incisions. Instead of having to undergo the plastic surgeon's scalpel, the patient will be treated with a handheld laser to target problem areas.

But the services provided by one of these physicians should never be considered in any way secondary to those provided by a cosmetic surgeon because much of what they do achieves similar or even better results. You can have an instant breast lift, facelift, or treat skin problems like eczema, scars, burns, acne, etc., without the pain and recovery time that is common with cosmetic procedures.