August 13, 2022

Treatment And How Can You Cope Up With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Like some anxiety disorders, doctors treat GAD with cognitive behavioral therapy and medication. You may be required to speak to a psychiatrist or psychologist who is specially trained to treat GAD and other mental disorders.

Medication for GAD. Drugs like benzodiazepines are used to effectively treat generalized anxiety disorder because they are helpful to those whose anxiety intervenes with daily activities.

Coping with GAD

  1. Connect with people and build a strong support group. Do not be afraid to find solace in connecting with others. A sound support system isn’t a huge crowd. Start with the people close to you.

  2. Talk about your worries with ease. Whenever you feel an overwhelming surge of anxiety, talk it out with the person you trust. Simply talking about your problems can help ease what you’re feeling inside.

  3. Avoid people who add to your stress or make you feel more anxious during an episode. Reaching out is a good thing, but getting in touch with someone who can make you feel more anxious is not good. Before calling someone to talk to, consider asking yourself whether that person can make you feel better or worse after telling them your problem.

  4. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Eat healthier and get some exercise daily. Enough sleep, limiting caffeine, and avoiding alcohol and nicotine, can make a huge difference in your outlook.

  5. Learn how to calm and soothe yourself. There may be times when a trusted individual is not available to talk when you are panicking with anxiety. Therefore, it is also vital that you learn skills you can apply on your own to calm yourself whenever help is out of reach. This also prevents you from becoming dependent on the person you trust with your problems.