August 20, 2022

Top 3 Different Types Of IOS App Testing

App testing is an important part of programming and quality control. No matter how well-written code is, there is always the risk of bugs and glitches hiding under the hood. 

Proper app testing ensures that bugs and functional deficiencies are discovered, and fixed before the application is released to the market for consumption. There are some companies that provide the best ios testing services in Austria. 

Types of iOS app testing

There are different types of ios app testing, each with its features, advantages, and requirements. Different software developers and teams tend to prefer certain types of app testing, mostly due to personal reasons or some other practical factors. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it is very uncommon to have to know them all. 

1. Alpha testing

This is more common for in-app designers and software developers. The component codes of the app are run through separate tests and then as a whole. The test is always scheduled for the end of the app development stage just before the beta tests. 

2. Acceptance testing

This test is carried out by the clients and regulators. This test is a bit similar to the alpha test in that it measures performance ratings, rates features, and functionality. The results of this test tell the clients if the final product satisfies all the requirements and goals that were set at the beginning of the project.

3. Ad-hoc testing

As implied in the title, the test is carried out randomly. Usually during the development stage. Ad hoc testing is very important for projects that have a large scale, numerous features, a high number of expected users, or a combination of these.