August 20, 2022

Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Removalist

Some of the most important things to consider when hiring a piano removalist are their experience with moving Steinways and their qualifications. A removalist who has experience moving pianos will know how to handle the delicate instrument without damaging it.

They will also have the tools and equipment necessary to move the piano safely and efficiently. Many companies like NG Movers offer services that will suit your needs.


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Qualifications for a good removalist should include knowledge of music and piano repair. A removalist who is qualified can help to make moving a Steinway easy and hassle-free.

Here are the most important things to consider:

  • First and foremost, make sure that the piano can actually be moved. Many pianos are too heavy or large to be transported by a removalist, so it is important to confirm this beforehand. Also, be aware of the size of the piano – if it is too large or too small, it will need to be transported in sections or it will cost more to do so.

  • Secondly, you need to know where the pianos will be going. If they will be stored at a location remote from your home, make sure that the removalist knows about this and has access to transportation. Most removalists provide truck and trailer transport for larger pianos; however, smaller pianos may need to be transported in sections. Again, this will affect the price you pay.

If you're looking for a piano removalists company that can make moving your Steinway easy, then you should check out the team at various online websites. Experienced technicians are experts at taking care of delicate instruments and will do everything they can to minimize damage during the move.