August 11, 2022

The coolest Features Of The GMC Multipro Tailgate

The GMC MultiPro tailgate comes standard on the Sierra SLT and Sierra Denali. The MultiPro tailgate has many different functions.

The tailgate consists of two parts: the outer tailgate which includes the U-shape and the inner tailgate which takes up the rest. When locked, the system works like a conventional tailgate. You can also know more about multipro tailgate fix through various websites.

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The inner tailgate trim material can then be turned over to ensure that the load is stopped, although the load still needs to be properly secured.

When the outer tailgate is folded flat, the inner tailgate can be folded down for easy access to cargo – the owners can be closer to the cargo with the inner tailgate out of the way. When this section is turned over, the upholstery folds out to become a step into the bed, with folding handles for entry and exit.

When the tailgate is raised, the inner tailgate can be turned over and, thanks to the bed-mounted 110 V socket, it can be used as a fixed table for a laptop workstation or daisy mixer. The inner tailgate lining can also be folded down to support the load; This feature allows owners to carry loads longer on the top of their bed while keeping the bottom secure thanks to the locked outer tailgate. 

GMC officials said this would be especially useful for contractors because the 4×8 drywall sheets fit into open spaces and the underside of the bed remains free of drywall mud and other materials.