August 13, 2022

The Art Of Masonry For Building Restoration

Bricklaying and Masonry were developed around ten thousand years ago. This was the same time early human civilizations started farming and became less nomadic. Masonry was developed to build more permanent structures. Some of the earliest structures are still standing today! You can also hire the experts via

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Mixing clay, sand and other local materials led to modern construction, which is still an important part of modern architecture. Although the methods and materials have changed over time, the art of building magnificent structures out of the earth has not. 

Since masons have created some of the most impressive structures ever constructed, masonry has been considered a noble craft over the centuries.

Evolution of an Art

To become a mason, you need to have years of experience and be trained by a master mason or journeyman. Technology and new materials are making the craft more difficult. We no longer have to manually form each brick, but can now rely on fully automated factories to produce any type of brick. 

All you need is a few materials and a machine. Also, the way we build buildings has changed drastically. We no longer place stones and bricks individually by hand. Instead, we use pre-formed steel-reinforced concrete. This allows us to build taller, more substantial buildings faster and at a lower cost.