August 13, 2022

Summary of SAFe 5.0

At this year’s International SAFe Summit, Scaled Agile Inc. announced a new version of this Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeTM). The newest version 5.0 provides a simplified demonstration of the model whilst highlighting business agility, focusing on client eccentricity, and enlarging the vital feature of portfolio management. Additionally, SAFe has included more reliability, construction, and advice.

SAFe 5.0 includes a new perspective that’s better suited to satisfy the requirements of an international and networked market. Change is currently happening faster than ever before. You can get in touch with the experts for leading SAFe online course via

SAFe Agilist SA Certification

So how do we make the most of the change toward innovation and improvement? How can you make sure organizations are poised for change? — it is about Company Agility!

SAFe currently gives Business Agility a significant place in the frame. To put it differently, this describes the capability of associations to compete and flourish in the new electronic era. This necessitates that they immediately react to changes in the market and emerging opportunities together with speed and innovation.

It’s very important to be aware that Scaled Agile indicates that a company can’t achieve business agility until it adopts the Portfolio degree of SAFe. At this point, the capability to pivot and alter your plans fast is crucial.

The SAFe frame has included a Company Agility Assessment that empowers organizations to quantify their level of business agility and help determine how to hasten their expansion. The evaluation includes rating your company based on various standards and degrees inside each core competency.  Therefore, these will help your company determine present condition and what areas to concentrate on where expansion is necessary.