August 19, 2022

Split Air Conditioner – An Energy Efficient Answer to Cool Your Home

Many people live in climates where outside temperatures can be uncomfortable in warm weather. Common responses to these hot temperatures include central air conditioning, window air conditioners, and evaporative cooling. It is now possible to look for a multi head split system via

MSZ-GE Series - 2.5 kW - 5.0 kW - Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System Air Conditioning - Mitsubishi Electric Australia

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However, central air conditioning requires a lot of energy, which can be very expensive and requires ducting to install. The window elements are ugly and most people don't want to leave the big, noisy box looking through their window. 

Operating window air conditioners can also be very expensive. Slurry coolers provide multiple cooling effects and can be much cheaper to operate. However, large holes must be drilled in the wall for evaporative cooling. 

The cooling effect can feel very moist. If your climate is humid, coolers may not work very well to cool your home because water needs to cool to evaporate. Split air conditioners use today's energy-saving technology. 

The split system might be the answer you are looking for. Split air conditioners use the latest heat pump technology, which is very similar to how your household refrigerator works. Your refrigerator draws heat from the refrigerator and transfers it to the kitchen. 

Of course, you don't see any heat in the fridge, do you? You will notice that the fridge is cold inside, but you can feel the warm air coming out from the top or the back. Shared air conditioners work the same way. They remove heat from the room and release it outside, which means that cool air stays inside.