August 12, 2022

Metal Fabrication In The 21st Century

When you mention the term "sheet manufacturing of metal" and for those who are unaware, you'll think of a "tin basher". While tin bashers do exist in metal engineering and will continue to do so for as long as they continue to exist but sheet metal fabrication is now a form of art in the 21st century.

A painter may have an artist's palette, paintbrush as well as an easel. The tools of a tin basher include an anvil, hammer, welder, and grinder however modern sheet metal fabrication process is dependent on the latest technology.

It's a method that utilizes the same tools, however in a more automated manner and achieves the same result with less time and at less expense, in the same way as scanners and printers can automate the art world.

There is no production process until someone comes up with an idea. Costly tooling prevents any kind of mass production until prototypes have been made and tested before being accepted. Even in the advanced sheet metal fabrication age, there will be a need for basic tin bashing before automation becomes the norm. If budgetary constraints and size are not a concern tin bashing will continue to fall with the advent of technology like 3D printing.

Some say technological advancement has taken art from sheet fabrication. However, the reverse is true. Different skills are required to apply technology to the process. Innovation is the mainstay of the sheet metal fabrication business. Despite the growing utilization of plastics for manufacturing sheet metal fabrication remains competitive with other industries.