August 13, 2022

Learn How To Grind Weed To Perfection

There are some steps that you should keep in mind if you want to know how to use a weed grinder.

Step 1: Open the top lid. Only if necessary, use your fingers to break bigger chunks up and place them in between the grinder’s teeth and not the edges of the grinding bowl. It is useless to put any nugs directly in the center since this is where the magnet pivots are. Nothing in the center will get shredded.

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Step 2: Put the top of the grinder back on and give it about 10 rotations clockwise or counterclockwise. Do it until all the bud falls through the holes or the grounded herb is your ideal consistency. Now remove the top and hit it gently against the grinder’s side to loosen up any sticky pieces stuck in the teeth.

Step 3: Unscrew the chamber with the teeth to reveal the basket layer with your freshly ground cannabis inside. You are now ready to load it into your pipe, vaporizer, or blunt.

Step 4: Scrape some out of the kief you have collected in the bottom-chamber, with a piece of paper or the scraping tool provided. Remember you can sprinkle kief into your pipe bowl or your vaporizer for more powerful natural effects, or save it for something else later. 

Over time you will notice that your grinder's rotating motion might become more difficult. This means it is in need of cleaning. Use warm water and a cleaning solution made of isopropyl alcohol and salt to rub the grinder pieces and get rid of the stickiness. Brush any loose dry herb or kief from the screen with a clean toothbrush or beard brush.