August 11, 2022

Is Mediation Suitable for Everyone?

The success of a court decision or voluntary mediation depends on the ability of both parties to cooperate rationally and to seek a satisfactory resolution of the issues arising from divorce and guardianship disputes. 

Because few people can cooperate in such disputes, courts cannot order mediation if there is a threat of physical violence or abuse against one of the parties or the children of the parties. It is now easier to look for professional mediators via

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Learn more about the concept of mediation:- Mediation is the concept of assisted negotiation. In other words, negotiations between two parties that involve a third party allow for a satisfactory resolution of the dispute. 

In the event of a divorce, for example, the two parties concerned can reach an agreement without involving a third party, or they can choose to use opposing attorneys. Alternatively, they can also call in an independent mediator.

All mediation processes share several key characteristics that help differentiate mediation from adversarial processes as observed by the courts. The mediation process is initially voluntary. 

Both parties to the dispute may withdraw from negotiations at any time and without giving reasons. This is important for the spirit and climate of effective mediation aimed at finding mutually acceptable solutions. Independent agents are not authorized to impose conditions on either party – any action taken requires the express consent of both parties.

The mediation process is usually confidential, although this is not by chance. This means that both parties are usually free to express personal concerns in mediation forums without fear of consequences, which makes them especially attractive for sensitive disputes in the workplace.