August 13, 2022

How to Set Up Your Advertising Tent

A canopy tent is a great way to start your business and complement your ongoing promotional campaign. By using mobile advertising tools, your business can have a portable showroom. And this is the showroom that needs to be created, a showcase for your company's goods and services.

As such, it can be a very useful part of your brand marketing campaign. A portable tent, as an extension of your place of business, should also be set up that way. Think of the entire tent rental as one large, living, brand marketing advertisement, a unique work of art. For a business promotion and seminar, a custom 10×10 pop up tent can be set up. This is the ideal size for this purpose.



Your business tent should be set up with a color scheme that compliments your overall advertising campaign and professional business logo. Tent rentals are usually available in many different colors. The color you choose to be the border around your mobile advertising campaign should not be a distraction from the living picture it is framing.

Any marquee hire will most often come with the option of primary colors (unless, of course, you choose to have one custom made), and if those colors compete with your business logo and products on display, the best option is to use a plain white canopy. Bottom line, all color, and visuals should reinforce your company's brand marketing.


A tent rental can come in a number of different dimensions, the most common size being a 10 by 10-foot advertising space. Regardless of the size, every square inch of what you have rented should be put to perfect use. Just like a showroom floor is strategically mapped out and products placed on display, your business' marquee hire should also be expertly set up for the maximum visual effect of your brand marketing and advertising your goods.

This will set the tone and feeling that those who visit will walk away with. Arranging your advertising canopy in an attractive way sends a message to those walking by that your company is professional and organized.