August 19, 2022

How To Create a Video Sales Page

This article will discuss how to create a video-based sales letter. Your video should be able to attract people to your offer so they are more interested and qualified buyers.

Although a lengthy video sales letter can be effective, people often don't have enough patience to read it unless they are truly interested in what you have.

When writing traditional sales letters, it is crucial to write a compelling headline and first paragraph. It should be interesting and engaging enough to keep the reader reading.

You can create a much shorter video sales letter than you would normally. Video is far more engaging than written words, but people won't be able to watch a video sales letter that is longer than 15 minutes.

Therefore if you create a video for your product you need to use your video as you would the headline and the first paragraph of a traditional sales page.

So you would create a video that is up to 2 minutes long that entices people to purchase your product or to read more about it in your written sales copy below the video.

Basically, that video is going to do the pre-selling for you. It will show people exactly what they are getting so there are no surprises when they actually download your product.