August 15, 2022

Find the Perfect Gift for Every Type of Dad

Sometime dads are the hardest member of the family to buy for. If each year it seems to be more difficult than the last to choose a present for dad, then here are five unique gift ideas for dad that you might have never considered before.

Dads Who Like to Watch Sports

For dads who like to watch sports, buy two tickets to see his favorite team play. If you want to go all out, look into sending dad on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Superbowl, World Series, NCAA Championship, US Open, or another big sporting event that your dad otherwise wouldn’t get to attend.

Alternatively, look into how much it would cost to sponsor one year’s worth of “season ticket” on cable TV. Many stations these days offer special sport season deals where your dad can see every football game or baseball game.

Goofy Gift Ideas for Dad

If your dad has one of those incorrigible, fourteen year-old boy senses of humor — the kind of dad who still thinks fart jokes are funny — consider a goofy gift that will make dad laugh. You can also gift your dad a tshirt with the slogan “a perfect shirt for dog lovers“.

A few examples are the motorized bar stool, which is basically a go-cart with a bar stool for a seat; the “beer belly”, a hidden bladder worn under the shirt that can store beer or other cold drinks so dad never has to pay eight bucks for a beer at a football stadium again; the toilet-shaped coffee mug, which is self-explanatory; and the yodeling pickle, a plastic pickle that yodels when you press a button.