August 19, 2022

Dental Implants in San Antonio – Great Alternatives to Dentures

Dental implants are not by any means inexpensive, but they are by far the best solution for missing teeth. For all practical intents, they act in exactly the same way as your original tooth does, and in some respects, they are even better because they cannot suffer damage in the same way as a natural tooth. A dental implant is a post made out of titanium that is implanted into the jawbone just like the root of a tooth.

Then a replacement tooth is fitted on top of the post. This is a big improvement over a bridge because the teeth on either side of the implant are left untouched, whereas with a bridge they have to be cut down to support the bridge, so you actually do damage to two perfectly good teeth. You can get dental implants in San Antonio, and they are just so much better than dentures. To get the best dental implants in SA, request appointment here.

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Since dentures can slip and slide about, you have to take them out at night and put them in a cleaning solution, and while they may look like natural teeth they often don't perform nearly as well. Dental implants, on the other hand, will enable you to eat food that you may not have been able to eat for years, such as nuts, because they perform in the same way that your original tooth did.

Not everyone is suitable for dental implants, although most people are. You need to have sufficient jawbone to hold the implant in place. If your jawbone is too thin or too soft, you may require a bone graft. If it is in the upper jaw and there is the insufficient bone height or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, you may need a sinus lift.