August 9, 2022

Crane Rigging Equipment Fundamental Procedures

The rigging team must determine the crane equipment required based on the weight of the load, height and stability. This includes accurate calculations and only persons with appropriate training have access to load requirements. 

You can Call today for a free on-site consultation, once the necessary equipment and accessories have been determined, the work area must be prepared to avoid the risk of endangering the frame and other workers in the vicinity of the crane. Barriers must block all areas that obstruct crane swing.

Once the load is attached to the crane, the rigging must work closely with the crane operator to ensure that the lift is stable and that all straps, ropes, hoists and drawbars match.

 This includes lifting weights only a few feet above the ground to ensure that the load is stable, balanced, and well supported. Once this is established, the entire rigging team must continue to communicate with the team leader and concerned person at the start of the selection. 

The team leader indicates when the lift should be started and instructs the handyman and crane operator with hand signals what to do.

Successful crane assembly requires the use of a trained team following basic crane equipment procedures. This is the most important factor in ensuring safe conditions on any construction site.