August 19, 2022

Craft Beers Come In A Variety Of Styles

Beer drinkers have more options than ever before. Craft beer has grown in popularity, providing a wide range of flavors to your neighborhood pub. A drink menu with so many options might be intimidating. Understanding the distinctions in styles and how they taste, look, and feel is an excellent method to assist.

The following is a list of the most popular mixed craft beer pack styles.

A Working Definition of Craft Beer

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 1. Lager

Lagers are widely available and consistently produced. They are the first beer that most new beer lovers will try. Classic lagers are light and malty, with little flavor diversity. It's a light, crisp beer that's easy to consume.

2. I.P.A.

Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), a craft beer classic, are frequently a beer drinker's first introduction to craft beer. This list includes a variety of beer styles that derive their flavor from hops and other fruity or herbal flavors. British IPA, which is harsh and maltier, and New England Style IPA, which is fruity and less bitter, are two of the most popular IPA styles.

3. Pilsner lager

Pilsners are well-known for their modest but distinct flavor and bitterness. Even experienced brewers may struggle to make it. Although the style is clear, there are a few brewing errors.

4. Stout Beer

Stouts are a sweet, rich, and roasty beer with coffee and cream notes. Although the deeper hue of the beer may make it appear tough to drink, stouts are sweet enough to balance out the bitterness. Stouts have a rich, roasted flavor with a robust malt flavor. This tastes like dark chocolate or coffee.