August 12, 2022

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Phone System for Your Small Business

In recent months, many businesses have transitioned from traditional telephone service providers to new things called VoIP telephone systems. If you plan to switch to VoIP, make sure your business is not locked in a service pack without first considering these five tips to choose a VoIP telephone service package and its features. You will be grateful.

1. Price per line

One of the biggest factors you have to consider before buying a VoIP telephone system is the price that costs per telephone line or a user. Some VoIP companies will advertise low prices but will not reveal that you need a telephone system with almost 30 users to get the advertised discount level, which is too expensive and not needed for most businesses. You can get VoIP phone systems through

2. Features of the telephone system

VoIP telephone systems usually offer a variety of call features so much that sometimes can be excessive. When comparing companies, make sure you have an idea that calls the features you plan most to use the most.

If you are not sure what call features are available, see the list of call features that each company provides and remembers the most advanced features. Quite a lot of business owners read a list of features once and find out about new services that they never know there.

3. Hardware, including or excluded?

VoIP sometimes requires additional hardware or special cell phones to work well. Make sure you are very aware whether this hardware is included in the price of telephone services. Some companies provide free hardware and others require you to buy their hardware or cell phones with a little cost.

4. Unlimited calls?

Most VoIP service providers offer unlimited calls in the United States. This is good news for most businesses as a majority if not all, their business comes from within the state. Although most companies offer this feature, some VoIP companies out there do not offer unlimited calls and prefer to offer their VoIP telephone services in a minute bundle.